Comrades! Join us on the 1st of May as we march for a revolutionary world free from the poisons of colonialism and capitalism!

We march as a diverse working class of Belgians, migrants, refugees, women, students and youth who unite in the struggle against exploitation and all forms of oppression by the capitalists system.

It is evident more than ever that the struggle against the capitalist forces is also a struggle against the colonial Zionist entity they created and continue to profit from.

We call on all workers in Belgium to heed the call from Palestinian workers: stand against genocide and stop all work that aids the criminal Zionist regime.

As we near the 76 year anniversary of the resistance to the Zionist colonisation of Palestine, we must remain steadfast in the face of all oppressive systems that aim to break our unity. We must remain steadfast in the march for liberation.

We call on you, dear comrades, to join us in this historic revolutionary moment.

📍Carré de Moscou – 2PM

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